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Celebrity Reporters

Celebrity Reporters

Students ask each other indirect questions about famous people. A speaking activity using indirect questions and statements.

Level:  Intermediate

Topic:  Celebrities

Grammar:  Indirect questions

Time:  40 minutes


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Ask the students to get into 4 groups.


Ask each group to choose one famous person that everyone in the class knows.


Write the name of each group's answer on the board.


Ask the students to look at the other groups' choices on the board, and brainstorm questions they would like to ask the famous people. Allow 5 minutes for brainstorming.

Note: The groups do not have to brainstorm questions for the famous person they selected.


Choose a group to stand at the front of the room. Explain that they will answer questions about the famous person they selected.


Tell the remaining students to ask indirect questions about the famous person. The group at the front of the room can answer the questions any way they like.

For example:

Do you happen to know if Madonna is married?

I was wondering if Madonna has any children.


When the students have finished asking questions, ask a different group to go to the front of the room. Continue until each group has had a turn to answer questions.


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