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Tools for Teaching English Overseas.

Latest Lessons

Starting a Conversation

Starting a Conversation

Students practice expressions for starting a conversation using a sample dialogue and sample situations. An ESL activity for improving conversation...
Paragraph Writing: The Marvelous Toy

Paragraph Writing: The Marvelous Toy

Students listen to a song about a toy and discuss its many characteristics according to the song. With the information...
Giving Details

Giving Details

Students practice giving details using conversation prompts. An ESL activity for improving conversation skills...
Asking Follow-up Questions

Asking Follow-up Questions

Students practice asking follow-up questions using a sample dialogue and conversation prompts. An ESL activity for improving conversation skills...

EFL / ESL Lessons For Teaching English Overseas

Becki and Shawn - EFLSensei

Becki & Shawn

Welcome to EFL Sensei!


We are a couple of teachers overseas who put up our 20+ years of EFL / ESL activities for adults. We hope you enjoy our teaching ideas and the fun, communicative lessons.


Together we can build a community of teachers helping teachers through sharing our lessons, ideas, and overseas experiences. Share your lesson today!

Here's how we can help you:

  • Discover new ideas for adult classes
  • Choose from a variety of speaking activities, games & conversation questions
  • Use pre-made EFL/ESL course lesson plans

  • Reinforce target grammar
  • Get ideas for teaching with music & video
  • Apply teaching tips for teacher development
  • Find student-centered activities that focus on speaking

  • Search for your next job
Speaking Activities Search our printable ESL speaking activities with icebreakers, warmers and...
Games ESL games are fun for the students and the teacher...
Conversation ESL conversation activities help build confidence and prepare students for...
Listening Fun and enjoyable ways for students to practice ESL listening...
Writing Activities for your EFL / ESL writing class. Icebreakers, warmers,...
Grammar Speaking activities that practice specific ESL grammar points. We have...
Holidays Celebrate ESL holidays with enjoyable speaking activities. Try our games...
Speech & Debate The best ESL oral presentation activities & topics! Students practice...
Business Business English communication activities prepare ESL students for doing business...
English Speaking Countries English Speaking Countries is an academic esl course taught at...
The News in English The News in English is an academic esl course taught...
Teaching Tips What happens when we have that class that just refuses...

Hi fellow EFL Sensei!

I'm Becki, the Co-Founder and the one who put up all these great speaking activities. We’re here to provide enjoyable lessons for teachers like you! Learn more