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ESL Listening (See Activities)

ESL Listening

Teaching ESL Listening can be difficult. Students often find commercial listening CDs to be boring and out-of-date. As soon as the CD starts playing, their eyes glaze over and they zone out.


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With so many websites and videos online, it is possible to turn this around and engage students through authentic listening exercises.


Students generally enjoy watching movies and TV programs, and listening to popular music in English.


Recommended Websites with Video Resources

  • ESL Notes: A long list of movies with plot summaries, character lists, vocabulary words, and cultural discussion topics.
  • BBC Words in the News: News articles written for ESL students with video news broadcasts, scripts, and vocabulary.
  • English Central: Videos with vocabulary and pronunciation tools, and a speech recognition system for ESL students.
  • Ted Talks: Videos of notable speeches.
  • Voice of America: U.S. news broadcasts for an international audience. English listening site with questions and activities.
  • Movie Clips: Movie clips and trailers of new movies.
  • Simply Scripts: Searchable database of movie, television, radio, and anime scripts, and plays.


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