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About EFL Sensei

Our Lessons

Our aim is to help EFL teachers all over the world get innovative ideas to make their classes more communicative and enjoyable.


The main focus with all the lessons is on communication, so this is not a website with boring worksheets. We offer high-quality, original lessons and activities that will get students out of their seats and speaking English.


Easy-to-navigate website

We’ve found that some of the popular ESL websites are confusing and difficult to navigate. We’ve tried to make the activities as easy to find as possible. If in doubt, try the search button at the top-right corner of the screen.


PDF Downloads

All of our handouts, game boards, and communication cards are easily downloadable. Find the Downloads section for each lesson under the lesson description.


What is EFL?

Although EFL and ESL are used interchangeably, there is a difference between the two.


English as a Second Language (ESL) is the primary term used when referring to language learners that use English in the country they reside, or a country that has designated English as its official second language.


English as a Foreign Language (EFL) is used when talking about language learners that learn English in a country that does not use the English language either as its primary language or secondary language.


Because these two terms are often used interchangeably in this field, we have decided to use both terms as if they have the same meaning. For the purpose of this site EFL and ESL primarily stand for English Language Learning (ELL).


What does Sensei mean?

Sensei is the Japanese term for teacher. We are all EFL Sensei. We got our start as English Language Teachers in Japan, so we decided to use the Japanese term for teacher.


The People Behind EFL Sensei

Back in September of 2011, we decided to start digitizing our EFL activities. We had multiple folders of lesson plans filled with games, speaking activities and conversation lessons.


Since we were already converting our 20 combined years of work into digital format, we decided to share it with other teachers by creating a website. That marked the beginning of

Rebecka Benedict

Becki Benedict

Hi! I’ve been an EFL instructor for over ten years in Asia. I’ve enjoyed being an expat in Japan, China, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Shawn Weldon

Shawn Weldon

Hi there! I'm Shawn, and I've been teaching overseas for over ten years, in both Asia and the USA. In my free time I make websites like this one.


Hi fellow EFL Sensei!

I'm Becki, the Co-Founder and the one who put up all these great speaking activities. We’re here to provide enjoyable lessons for teachers like you! Learn more