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Becki Benedict

Rebecka Benedict

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Hi! I’ve been an EFL instructor for over ten years in Asia. I’ve enjoyed being an expat in Japan, China, Thailand, and Indonesia.


I’ve taught every level student in every possible teaching situation from small children to business professionals. I’ve decided that I prefer teaching university students and adults. I enjoy courses in Conversation, Business English, and Intercultural Communication.


As difficult as it can be, I try to keep my lessons student-centered and communicative. EFL students need, above all, English communication practice, so I try to make sure they get ample opportunities to speak in class. Most of the materials I’ve created are less worksheet centered and more communication-based where the students are required to get out of their seats and talk.


Throughout the years, I’ve kept all my teaching materials hoping that some day I could put together a website. I hope the lessons and teaching tips are helpful for you in your teaching situation. Please contact me anytime if any of the lessons are unclear or you have any questions about teaching.

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Hi fellow EFL Sensei!

I'm Becki, the Co-Founder and the one who put up all these great speaking activities. We’re here to provide enjoyable lessons for teachers like you! Learn more