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Shawn Weldon

Shawn Weldon

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Hi there! I’m Shawn Weldon and I am one of the co-founders of


I started teaching English as a foreign language back in 2001. The first time I ever stood in front of a class was during my TESOL Certification Course in Bali, Indonesia. Needless to say I was Nervous! It’s now more than 10 years on and I’m still teaching.


Since my TESOL Certificate I’ve lived and worked in Thailand, China and Japan. In that time I’ve taught a variety of lessons. I’ve worked in a senior high school, a technical college, a few universities and I’ve even done quite a few corporate lessons.


Along with my TESOL Certification, I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Clemson University (Go Tigers!) and a Master of Arts in International Studies with a focus on teaching English from Concordia University, Irvine.


In my free time I like to program with HTML, CSS, JAVA Script and PHP. When my wife and I started digitizing all of our lessons (10 years of two teacher’s lessons), we had an idea to build a website in order to share our work with the world. So I set out designing this website and Becki started uploading all of our lessons.


This website is not yet completed – we still have folders full of lessons. We also have full-time jobs, so it’s baby steps.


Since I’m the self-designated Webmaster of, I would love to hear what you think of the site. I’d also like to be told if you run into any issues with anything. If you have any issues, concerns or questions regarding the website, teaching, or living abroad please ask.


Hi fellow EFL Sensei!

I'm Becki, the Co-Founder and the one who put up all these great speaking activities. We’re here to provide enjoyable lessons for teachers like you! Learn more