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Imperative Verbs Game

Imperative Verbs Game

Students count to 14 and make a rule for a number using imperative verbs from a handout. Students resume counting, but numbers are replaced with the rules or actions.

Level:  Any

Grammar:  Imperative verbs

Time:  15 minutes


  • Make one copy of the Handout for each student.



Give a Handout to each student. Pre-teach imperative verbs, if necessary.


Ask the students to stand in a circle.


Students count off in order, starting with #1 and stopping at #14.


The student who says “14” can make a rule for any number (#1 - 14). Students can refer to the Handout for ideas.

For example:

For #3, please jump. 


Then, the counting starts again from #1. For each number with a rule, students substitute the number for the action. 

Note: Students cannot say the number when they do an action.


Continue the game until there are rules or actions for all of the numbers.

Extended Practice

Once the students understand the game, incorporate penalties for mistakes. For example, start the counting over each time there is a mistake, or ask the students who make a mistake to sit down.

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