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Indirect Questions

Indirect Questions

Indirect Questions make requests or questions softer and more polite. We use indirect speech when we are talking to someone we don’t know very well or in professional situations.


Question Form:

Could you tell me

what time the post closes? 

if the post is closed?

Do you know

Do you happen to know

Do you have any idea


Statement Form:

I was wondering

what time the post closes.

if the post is closed.

I’d like to know

I can’t remember

I have no idea


  • We omit do, does, and did in indirect questions.
  • The word order after the question word is the same as in a positive statement (e.g., The post closes at 6:00pm).


Direct and Indirect Examples:


What time does the post close?


Could you tell me what time the post closes?


Use if or whether in Yes/No questions:


Is the post closed?


Could you tell me if the post is closed?



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