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Parental Decisions

Parental Decisions
Submitted By: Gosia Kwiatkowska
Level: Advanced
Topic: Speaking activities



Preparation & Procedure

Materials: You will need a copy of the Parental Decisions worksheet (1 or 2 per group).


The Task: In groups, students need to find solutions to the problems from the list. It's a great opportunity to use expressions for agreeing and disagreeing. It is suitable for adult and teenage learners.


Useful Expressions:

The way I see it / I believe / I think / In my opinion...

The best option would be to / What seems like a good solution is to…


I couldn’t agree more. / You’re absolutely right.

You have hit the nail on the head. / That’s a very valid point.


I’m not quite sure that / I don’t entirely agree that..

I see your point but don’t you think …? / I know where you’re coming from but …


What if we … ?  / If it was up to me I would …/ How about… ?

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