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Gosia Kwiatkowska
Gosia Kwiatkowska
Member since: 2016.01.15
Teaching Country: Berlin, Germany
Social: Twitter

About Me:

My name is Gosia and I am an English teacher. I have worked in Poland, Dominican Republic, and Spain.

What I love about my job is that it constantly keeps me on my toes, it is never boring and allows me to unleash my inner performer.

Every teacher knows that complementing our coursebooks is a must, and doing so often means hours of researching, downloading, editing and tailoring whatever we had found; the practice to which I like to refer as lesson plan digging. My digging adventure might have started out of necessity, but as I have been gaining classroom experience, making my own lesson plans or adapting already existing resources for the particular needs of my students (fine-tuning might be the word!) has become very rewarding. It is great to see my students enjoy the class and learn using activities I have prepared myself (although they usually make fun of my choices of visuals!).

I am always on the lookout for new ideas and I love exchanging stories with other teachers. Please, feel free to use materials featured on this site, and comment on how useful, effective or terrible you have found them.

My Portfolio:

Connect 4 Phrasal Verbs
Students connect squares by filling in propositions to make phrasal verbs. [more]
Parental Decisions
Students discuss parental problems and solutions using expressions for agreeing and disagreeing. [more]
Dependent Prepositions Bingo
Students play a bingo game by listening to prepositions and filling in the blanks on their bingo card. [more]

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