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Business Idioms 12: Bad Decisions

Business Idioms 12: Bad Decisions

Students discuss business idioms about bad decisions. Includes matching, fill in the blank, and creating original sentences.

Level:  Intermediate

Topic:  Idioms

Time:  30 minutes


  • Make one copy of the Handout for each student in the class.
  • Make one copy of the Key for the teacher.



Students get a partner.


Explain that Idioms are a group of words put together to have a special meaning and are commonly used in English.

For example:

Piece of cake: If something is a piece of cake, it means it is easy. It doesn't mean an actual piece of a cake.


Write an idiom from the Handout on the board, and ask the students to discuss with their partners what they think the idiom means. After a few minutes, continue with the next idiom, and so on.


Then, pass out the Handout. Have students try Task 1 and Task 2. They may discuss their answers with their partner.


Check the answers as a whole class.


Assign each student one idiom to make an original sentence. Have students write their sentences on the board. Check them together as a whole class.

Extended Practice

Students try Task 3 and write their own original sentences for each of the idioms.

Printable Worksheets


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