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Inside My Wallet

Inside My Wallet

Students look at items in each other's wallets and create sentences about the person. An icebreaker activity for ESL writing classes.

Level:  Any

Topic:  Icebreakers

Time:  50 minutes


  • Blank paper for each student.
  • Teacher's Wallet Handout: Photocopy 5 items from the teacher's wallet, and make copies for each student.



Pass out the Teacher's Wallet Handout to the students. Go over any unknown vocabulary.


Ask the students to look at the items on the Handout and think about how they describe the teacher.

For example:

What are the documents?

What do they tell you about me?

What are my hobbies and interests?


Ask the student to write one sentence about you on their Handout. Then, ask the students to write their sentence on the board, as they are ready. Check the sentences on the board and explain whether each sentence is true or not.


After that, ask the students to take out their wallets, and choose 3 - 5 items to display. Give each student a blank piece of paper, and ask them to put their items on top of the paper.


Students stand up, walk around, and write one sentence on each person's paper after looking at their items. Allow enough time for students to write on each classmate's paper.


Then, ask the students to claim their own paper and go back to their seats. The students' task is to write an introduction paragraph about themselves explaining their classmate's comments.


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