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Links To Other EFL / ESL Websites

Links To Other EFL / ESL Websites

There are many good EFL and ESL websites that provide excellent resources for busy teachers. This is a list of my favorites. 


Teaching Materials

  • Bogglesworld / Lanternfish: Game boards, worksheets, and flashcards for the ESL and TEFL teacher.
  • Purland Training: founder, Matt Purland, offers free e-books, podcasts, video lessons, and online games.
  • ESL Flow: ESL lesson plans and ideas for teachers with speaking activities and games. 
  • ESL Galaxy: ESL lesson plan materials, printable worksheets and games, speaking activities, grammar exercises, and reading and writing materials.
  • ESL Lounge: Communicative ESL lesson materials. Free and printable worksheets, song lyrics, and board games.



Current Events




Teaching in Japan



Do you know any other EFL / ESL websites that you'd like to share? Let us know so we can add it to our list. 

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