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Secret Information

Secret Information

Students write secret information about themselves. Other students in the class read the paragraphs and try to guess who it is describing. An icebreaker activity for ESL writing classes.

Level:  Any

Topic:  Icebreakers

Time:  40 minutes


  • 2 pieces of paper for each student.
  • Prepare a Name List including each student's name, and make one copy for each student.



Give a piece of paper to each student. Tell students to NOT write their name on the paper.


Ask the students to write 5 sentences about themselves. Encourage students to be creative and write something unique that their classmates may not know. Allow 5 minutes for students to write.

Topic examples:

  • Likes or dislikes (e.g., hobby, sports, celebrities, foods, music, movies, etc.)
  • Favorites (e.g., holiday, season, teacher, color, etc.)
  • Future plans (e.g., job, house, country, children, etc.)
  • Past experiences (e.g, vacation, studies, embarrassing moment, accomplishments, etc.)

Collect the Secret Information papers and shuffle them. Write a number at the top of each one, and then scatter them around the room.


Give each student a Name List.


Ask the students to stand up and read the Secret Information papers. They should write the number on their Name List next to each of their classmates names representing the description they think best matches. Allow plenty of time.


Have the students sit down. Collect the Secret Information papers.


Read out each number and description. Check the answers. 


The student that gets the most correct is the winner.


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