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Unfinished Sentences

Unfinished Sentences

Students work with a partner to finish sentences with their own information. Then, the two students have a conversation. This speaking activity works well as a warmer and encourages shy students to speak English.

Level:  Intermediate

Topic:  Warmer

Time:  20 minutes


  • Make one copy of the handout for each student.
  • Timer



Divide the class into two groups, Group A and Group B. Ask the two groups to line up next to each other, and sit down.  


Ask A's and B's who are sitting across from each other to pair up.


Give one copy of the handout to each student.


Ask A's to finish the sentence for #1, and have a discussion with their partner (from Group B) for one minute. 


Then, ask B's to finish the sentence for #2, and have a discussion with their partner (from Group A) for one minute.


Next, ask A's to stand up and move one seat down the line, so everyone has a new partner.


Continue the same pattern with #3 and #4.


Then, A's move again one seat down the line.


Continue until students have discussed all ten sentences. 

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