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Show Me!

Show Me!

Students find someone in the class who can demonstrate the activities on the worksheet. A speaking activity using the grammar point, can.

Level:  Elementary

Topic:  Ability

Grammar:  Can

Time:  30 minutes


  • Make one copy of the Handout for each student.



Give each student a Handout.


Review the vocabulary on the Handout.


Students stand up and get a partner. The students' task is to choose an activity from the Handout and ask their partner if they can do the activity. If their partner can do the activity and can demonstrate it, then they write the name of their partner on the square.

For example:

A: Can you stand on one foot for 20 seconds?

B: Yes, I can.

A: Show me!

B: (B demonstrates the activity)


Continue until the students find someone in the class who can do each activity on the handout.

Extended Practice

Ask the whole class questions about their classmates. For example, “Can Sarah stand on one foot for 20 seconds?” Students can respond, “Yes, she can. / No, she can’t.” Ask a few students to show the class they can do the activity.

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Maureen said:

The lesson of " can " is useful to play "Whisper ".

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