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Pumpkin Pinata Paper Mache

Pumpkin Pinata Paper Mache

Students make a pumpkin pinata paper mache. The pumpkins can be used as pinatas at a Halloween party.

Level:  Elementary

Topic:  Halloween

Time:  3 days


  • Make one copy of the Handout for every two students.
  • Prepare the following items.

White flour



Large plastic bowl – 1 for each pumpkin

Newspaper – lots!

Balloons – 1 for each pumpkin

Large drinking glasses – 1 for each pumpkin

Orange paint

Black paint

Paint brushes





Ask students to pair up. Each pair of students can make one pumpkin.


Give each pair of students a Handout. Ask students to follow the instructions on the Handout.

  1. Combine one part flour, two parts water, and some salt in a large plastic bowl to make a paste.

  2. Get some newspaper and tear the newspaper into 2-inch strips. Make a lot of strips!

  3. Blow up a large balloon and place the tied end into a large drinking glass. 

  4. Dip a newspaper strip into the paste and squeeze the excess paste off with your fingers. Then, put the newspaper strip on the balloon. Completely cover the balloon with the newspaper strips, and then add a second layer.

  5. Let dry overnight.

  6. Pop the balloon and take it out.

  7. Paint the paper mache to look like a pumpkin with orange and black paint.

  8. Let dry overnight.

  9. Pick up the paper mache and fill it with candy through the hole at the bottom.

  10. Get a long piece of string and tie the hole closed.

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