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Present Perfect Pictionary

Present Perfect Pictionary

Students practice the present perfect by playing a pictionary game. One student draws on the board, and the other students try to guess the word.

Level:  Elementary

Topic:  For / since

Grammar:  Present perfect

Time:  20 minutes


  • On the board, write I have at the top and for/since at the bottom.



Ask the students to think to themselves about something they have been doing for a period of time, such as playing an instrument, playing a sport, studying, a hobby, an activity in their hometown, etc.


Ask the students to get a piece of paper and write one sentence about the activity starting with I have and ending with for/since. Tell the students to keep their sentence a secret. 

For example:

I have played the piano for six years. 


Divide the class into two groups.


Ask students to number each person in the group.


Ask student #1 from both groups to go to the board. Student #1 writes the second half of his or her sentence beginning with for or since. 

For example:

for six years.


Then, Student #1 draws the activity on the board. The student cannot speak nor write the word on the board.


The first group to correctly guess the activity gets a point.  

For example:

You have played the piano for six years.


Continue with Student #2, and so on until each student has had a chance to draw.


The group with the most points is the winner.


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