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Chinese Whispers Sentences

Chinese Whispers Sentences

Students play Chinese Whispers by listening to a sentence and relaying it down a line of students. The first student in the line demonstrates the sentence using prepositions of place.

Level:  Elementary

Grammar:  Prepositions of place

Time:  15 minutes


  • Make one copy of the Key, and cut as indicated.
  • Prepare materials: Pen, Book, Desk, and Chair



Use a pen and book to pre-teach the prepositions: on, under, in, next to, near, in front of, behind


Ask the students to divide themselves into 2 groups, or more if it is a large class.


Ask the 2 groups to form a line. The front of the line should face the board.


Go to the back of the line at the back of the room, and show a sentence card (from Key) to the last student in each line.


The students at the back of the line whisper the sentence to the person in front of them. The whispers continue one by one until the person in the front of the line hears the sentence.


The person in the front of the line must do the action from the sentence.

For example:

"The pen is next to the book."

The last person to hear the sentence (at the front of the line) puts his or her pen next to the book.


The first group to do the action correctly gets a point.


The group with the most points is the winner.

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