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Debate: Rebuttal Speech

Debate: Rebuttal Speech

Students practice and create a rebuttal speech for a debate resolution. An ESL debate lesson practicing how to give a speech and debate rebuttal.

Level:  Advanced

Topic:  Debate

Time:  60 minutes




Ask the students to work in groups of three to five.


Give each student the Rebuttal Speech Handout.


Ask students to read the Handout and do the task in their groups. Students should use the previous handouts to prepare the negative rebuttal speech.

Rebuttal: the final speech of a debate, which basically says why your team has won.


Ask two groups to get together to present their rebuttal speeches to each other.


Then, ask the two groups to decide which rebuttal speech was better and why.


Ask the groups to report to the whole class about what makes a good rebuttal speech.


This activity is best to do after completing Organizing the Opinion, Refuting an Argument, and First Negative Constructive.

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