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Memory Name Game

Memory Name Game

Students play an icebreaker word association game to remember the names of each student in the class. Students say their name and a word that begins with the same letter.

Level:  Any

Topic:  Icebreakers

Grammar:  Simple present

Time:  30 minutes


  • Index cards (one for each student).
  • Write example sentences on the board.

For Example:

Student #1: My name is Becki and I like bubblegum.

Student #2: Her name is Becki and she likes bubblegum. 

My name is Mai and I like M&Ms.



Give one index card to each student. Ask the students to write their name at the top of the card.


Collect and shuffle the cards.


Ask the students to brainstorm something they like that begins with the same letter as their name (the first letter). Refer to “Student #1” on the board.


Choose a card to decide the first person to play the game. Put the card back in the pile.


Student #1 stands up and says his or her name and what he or she likes (e.g., My name is Becki and I like bubblegum).


Choose a new card to decide the next person. Student #2 stands up and repeats Student #1's information. Then Student #2 says his or her name and what he or she likes (e.g., Her name is Becki and she likes bubblegum. My name is Mai and I like M&Ms).


Continue the name game until each student has played, or until there have been 14 names to memorize. If a student’s name gets drawn a second or third time, they must recall the order of names, but they do not have to add new information.

  • Remind students this is a memory game. No writing or recording devices should be used. 
  • It's best to put the cards back in the pile, so all the students must continue to listen. If students know their name will not be drawn again, then they might get bored and/or start talking to their friends.

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