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ESL Persuasive Speech Topics

ESL Persuasive Speech Topics

Students listen to a list of persuasive speech topics and think about topics of interest. An ESL essay writing activity for intermediate to advanced level students.

Level:  Intermediate

Topic:  Essay Writing

Time:  20 minutes


  • Make one copy of the Key for the teacher.



Ask students to get a sheet of paper.


Read the 50 persuasive writing topics from the Key. Read slowly one by one, so students have enough time to think and write.


Students listen to the topics and write down all the topics of interest.


Then, ask students to choose their top 3 topics and circle them.


Ask students to get a partner and share their top 3 topics.


Finally, students choose their favorite topic.

Extended Practice

Ask students to write an opinion sentence about the topic. Start the sentence with, “I think …” 

Printable Worksheets



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