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L & R Pronunciation Game

L & R Pronunciation Game

Students listen for L and R sounds using this fun pronunciation game. An ESL speaking activity practicing pronunciation and listening.

Level:  Elementary

Topic:  Pronunciation

Time:  20 Minutes


  • Make one copy of the Key for the teacher.
  • Make one copy of the Handout for each pair of students.
  • Make one copy of the Game Board for each student.



Write an “L” on one side of the board and an “R” on the other side of the board. Under L, write the word lice. Under R, write the word rice.


Say one of the words (e.g., lice) and ask the students to guess the correct word. Repeat the word as necessary until everyone agrees on the correct word.


Pass out the Handout to each pair of students.


Students must listen and follow the words they hear to arrive at the correct country. Try a couple of practice rounds.

For example:

Round 1: Arrive → Blue → Play → New Zealand

Round 2: Alive → Blue → Blush → USA

Round 3: Arrive → Brew → Play → England


Next, pass out the Game Board to each student. Write “Phase 1”, “Phase 2”, and “Phase 3” on the board. Choose three pairs of words from the Key, and write one pair of words under each heading. Note: Choose words appropriate for the level of the class.


Ask the students to fill in their Game Board with the new words. For the right-hand column, you can use the same countries as the Handout, brainstorm new countries, or use a different set of vocabulary.


The students’ task is to take turns reading the words as their partners follow the words to the correct country.

Extended Practice

Continue the activity with three new pairs of words from the Key.

Printable Worksheets

Game Board


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