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If Game Board

If Game Board

Students make conditional sentences using "If.." and prompts on a game board. A speaking activity using the first conditional.

Level:  Intermediate

Grammar:  First Conditional

Time:  30 minutes


  • Make one copy of the Game Board for each group.



Students get into groups of 4 or 5 people.


Give one game board to each group. 


Ask students to get two coins for their group, and a space marker for each person.

How to use the coins:

Heads, heads = move 1

Tails, tails = move 2

Heads, tails = move 3


Students put their space markers on Start. The first student flips the two coins, moves the corresponding number of spaces on the game board, and follows the instructions.


  • Prompt = make a conditional sentence starting with "If..." and the prompt on the game board. Finish the sentence. 

For example: I study hard

If I study hard, I will pass the test.


  • Arrow = answer the question, then follow the arrow to jump ahead on the game board.
  • Go again = flip the coins again and move the corresponding number of spaces.
  • Go ahead = move the designated number of spaces forward on the board game.
  • Go back = move the designated number of spaces backward on the board game.
  • Miss a turn = wait for your next turn.

Students continue taking turns. The first student to reach Finish is the winner.

Printable Worksheets

Game Board

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