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Eye Contact Activity

Eye Contact Activity

Students practice looking at everyone in the audience while giving a speech. A fun ESL speech eye contact exercise.

Level:  Any

Topic:  Eye contact

Time:  20 minutes





Explain the importance of eye contact when giving a speech.

It is important to have eye contact with the audience during your speech. Where our eyes are looking can show our level of confidence, readiness, and enthusiasm for the topic. If we are looking at the ceiling, out the window, or at the floor, then it shows a lack of confidence or boredom with the topic.


Ask students to brainstorm self-introduction topics, and write the items on the board.

For example:



Major in school




Ask students to give a short speech using the simple topics on the board to practice eye contact. The speaker’s task is to maintain eye contact with the audience. The other students’ task is to raise their hand when they think they have eye contact with the speaker. Note: There should be at least one hand in the air at all times.


Ask the first student to go to the front of the classroom to give a self-introduction.


Continue with each student until all the students have had a chance to go to the front of the classroom.

Extended Practice

Ask students to discuss how they felt about the eye contact activity.

This Activity is also available here:

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