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ESL Listening Course With Textbook

ESL Listening Course With Textbook

A 14 unit ESL listening course using the textbook, Hit Parade. Course outline, syllabus, and final exam included.

Level:  Intermediate

Topic:  Music

Time:  Extended




Course Goals

The goal of this class is to understand natural, spoken English through enjoyable, well-known songs by famous international artists. We will look at confusing sound changes that often make understanding English difficult. We will also discuss the meaning of songs and learn new expressions and vocabulary.



Participation 40%

Quizzes: 10%

Project: 25%

Final Exam: 25%



Students are expected to be actively involved in each class (e.g., contribute to class discussions, engage in activities, complete tasks, stay on task, etc.). Students must be prepared for class (e.g., bring textbooks, writing materials, etc.) and follow classroom rules.

  • Use English to communicate
  • Be on time to class
  • Keep cell phones on silent mode
  • Be respectful when others are speaking
  • Participate actively in class


Students will have two quizzes based on the songs discussed in class.



Students prepare and conduct a presentation about a popular song (See ESL Through Music Project). Students are expected to listen carefully during the presentations and take notes. Groups and topics will be assigned.


Final Exam

The final exam is a paper test with essay-style questions based on the discussions in class (see Downloads).


Lesson Format

  1. Practice the ESL Tongue Twister of the day. Randomly choose students to try the tongue twister at the front of the room. Assign the tongue twister for homework and ask a few students to try again at the beginning of the next class.
  2. Try the unit in the textbook according to the syllabus. Practice sound changes and the key point of the day.
  3. Listen to the day’s song and discuss the lyrics (i.e., meaning of the song, useful expressions and/or vocabulary, cultural differences, etc.).

Try the pre-test on the first day of class to find out which sounds are difficult for the students to recognize. Compile the data and make a syllabus according to which sounds are the most difficult. At the end of the course, try the post-test. Give students feedback on their progress.

Printable Worksheets

Course Outline
Final Exam


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