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A Room In My House

A Room In My House

Students listen to their partner describe a room, and they draw the picture as described. A speaking activity using prepositions of place.

Level:  Elementary

Grammar:  Prepositions of place

Time:  15 minutes


  • Paper for each student.



Ask the students to get a partner and a piece of paper.


Students close their eyes and picture a room in their house. Ask questions to help them visulize.

What is in the room? 

Is there a chair?

A sofa?

A table?

Are there any pictures on the wall?

Is there a TV or stereo? 


Students open their eyes and sit back to back with their partner.


The first person describes the room while his or her partner draws it on the paper. Give the students 3 – 5 minutes to describe and draw.


Trade places. The other person describes a room while his or her partner draws it on the paper.


After both pictures have been drawn, ask the students to check the drawings with each other.


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