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True Definition

True Definition

Students write definitions for a given word, one true and the others not true. Other students listen and decide which is the true definition. An intermediate ESL word definition game.

Level:  Intermediate

Topic:  Warmer

Time:  30 minutes


  • Prepare a list of 10 fairly difficult vocabulary words, and cut into cards.
  • Dictionaries for each group.



Students get into groups of three to four. One piece of paper is needed for each group.


Pass out one vocabulary card to each group. Each group gets a different word.


The students’ task is to write definitions for the word in their group. One definition is true and the others are not true. Each student in the group should write one definition.

For example: If there are three people in the group, then the group writes three definitions: one true, two not true.


Then, the first group stands up and says the vocabulary word and the definitions. The other groups must listen and decide which is the correct definition.


Record the answers on the board, and award the groups with the correct answer with one point. If none of the groups are correct, then the group standing gets two points.


Continue until all the groups have had a chance to stand up and give their definitions.


The group with the most points is the winner.

Extended Practice

Continue with more rounds to extend the activity.

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