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Secret Santa

Secret Santa

Students exchange gifts by playing a Secret Santa game.

Level:  Any

Topic:  Christmas

Time:  40 minutes


  • Ask students to buy a gift under a designated amount of money, wrap it, and bring the gift on the designated day.
  • Students should not reveal their gift to anyone in the class.
  • Prepare slips of paper with each student’s name that brought a gift, and put them in a hat or box.



Ask the students to put their gifts in a designated area (i.e., under the Christmas tree, on a desk, etc.).


Pull one name out of the hat or box.


The first student can take any gift from the pile of gifts and go back to his or her seat. 

Students do not open their gifts until everyone has one!


The next student can take a gift from the designated area, OR they can take a gift another student has chosen.


Continue until all the students have chosen a gift.


At the end, all of the students unwrap their gifts at the same time.

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