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Friends: The One With The Halloween Party

Friends: The One With The Halloween Party

Students learn new expressions from an episode of the Friends TV show. Topics include Halloween and using phrasal verbs. Extended practice phrasal verb activity included.

Level:  Advanced

Topic:  Halloween

Grammar:  Phrasal verbs

Time:  60 minutes


Procedure below is the same for all Friends activities



Ask the students to work in groups of 3 to 5 people.


Give each student Handout A.


Explain the Expression of the day on the handout.


Ask the students to read the Useful Expressions and discuss the meaning of the expressions in their groups. Check the answers as a whole class.


Explain the Quick Grammar Point on the handout and review the Video Listening questions.


Play the Friends episode. The students’ task is to listen for the Useful Expressions and answer the Video Listening questions.


After watching, ask the students if they could recognize and understand the Useful Expressions in the video.


Ask the students to discuss their answers to the Video Listening questions in their groups. Check the answers as a whole class.


Then, ask the students to discuss the Discussion Questions in their group. Monitor for correct usage of the grammar point.

Extended Practice

  1. Ask the students to get into groups of 4 people.
  2. Give each group a copy of Handout B.
  3. Play the video without sound from the beginning of the episode until Joey walks out of the apartment (Time: 1.10).
  4. The students' task is to create the dialog for the characters in the episode using as many of the phrasal verbs (from Handout B) as possible.
  5. Check the dialogs. The group that uses the most phrasal verbs (correctly) is the winner.
  6. Then, have the groups act out their skits.

Printable Worksheets

Handout A
Handout B

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