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Random Partner Introductions

Random Partner Introductions

Students get to know each other by asking questions on a worksheet. They must ask each person in the class a specific wh question from the worksheet.

Level:  Any

Topic:  Icebreakers

Grammar:  Wh questions

Time:  40 minutes

Number of Students:  20 or less


  • Make one copy of the Handout for each student.
  • Write the names of all the students on the board.



Give each student a handout. Ask the students to fold the handout on the left and on the right, so they can only see the section title, “Classmate’s name”.


Ask the students to write their classmates’ names in random order on the worksheet. One name for each box.


Students unfold the paper and find a partner. Their task is to find their partner’s name on the worksheet, and ask the corresponding question. Students write the answer, and then find a new partner.


Continue until the first student has finished.

Extended Practice

Choose a random name from the board, and ask the students in the class to report anything they know about that person. Students can raise their hand or shout out the answer. Continue with more names from the board.

Printable Worksheets


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