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Question Memory

Question Memory

Students practice asking questions to their partner. Partners listen and use their memory to remember all the questions before answering.

Level:  Any

Topic:  Warmer

Time:  20 minutes


  • Timer



Divide the class into two groups, Group A and Group B. Ask each group to make a line and sit facing someone from the opposite group.


Explain that Group A is going to ask their partner, in Group B, 10 questions. Group B is only going to listen and try to remember the questions, but not answer. Students in Group B can not talk, only listen.


Give the students one minute. Use a timer to indicate the Start and Finish.


After one minute, explain that Group B is going to answer the 10 questions. Give the students one minute, and allow students in Group A to assist if necessary.


Then, students in Group A stand up and move one seat down the line, so everyone has a new partner.


Switch roles. Group B asks their partner 10 questions. Group A listens and tries to remember the questions.


Then, Group A answers the 10 questions. Allow students in Group B to assist if necessary.

Extended Practice

  • Students in Group A say 10 statements they think are true about their partner in Group B. Students in Group B listen and try to remember the statements. 
  • After 1 minute, students in Group B say whether the statements are true or false. 
  • Switch roles.

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