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Persuasive Argument Activity

Persuasive Argument Activity

Students give a short persuasive speech giving reasons why they should be given a bag of candy. The student with the most convincing argument gets the candy.

Level:  Intermediate

Topic:  Persuasive speech

Time:  45 minutes


  • One bag of candy.
  • Make one copy of the Handout for each student.



Students will give a short 1-2 minute persuasive speech.


Show students the bag of candy. Ask students to think of reasons why they should get the candy. Explain that the most convincing argument will get the candy at the end of class.

I should get the candy because…


Allow students around 5 minutes to prepare their persuasive speech. Encourage students to come up with 2 – 3 reasons.


Pass out the Handout to each student. The audience’s task is to listen to each speech and take note of each speaker’s reasons for wanting the candy.


Ask the first student to go to the front of the classroom and give a 1-2 minute speech.


Continue with each student until all the students have had a chance to give a speech.


Ask students to vote for the best speech – the speech that had the most convincing reasons. Students write the name of the person with the best speech on a piece of scrap paper and fold it in half. Collect all the votes.


Discuss each speech together as a class. Ask students to report the reasons each person gave for wanting the candy. Write the reasons on the board in the same format as the Handout.


Then, look at the votes and report the winner. Give the winner the bag of candy.

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