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Dependent Prepositions Bingo

Dependent Prepositions Bingo
Submitted By: Gosia Kwiatkowska
Level: Intermediate
Topic: Games



Preparation & Procedure

You will need:

  • one teacher's bingo board
  • one bingo card per student


1. Distribute bingo cards among your students. There are 8 different cards. Each card has 7 gapped sentences. Allow students time to read their cards.


2. Teacher: Read out the prepositions, one by one, from the list above your teacher's bingo board. Keep track by crossing off the corresponding squares on your teacher's bingo board. 


3. Students: Listen and fill in the blanks with correct prepositions. The first student to get BINGO (4 lines across, down, or diagonal) wins. 


4. In order to demonstrate the students filled in the correct gaps, they should read the sentences out loud.

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