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5 Minute Discussions

5 Minute Discussions
Level: Intermediate
Topic: Speaking Activities



Preparation & Procedure

This activity gives ESL students an opportunity to carry on a semi-formal discussion and to exchange their opinions about everyday topics and in small groups.


The steps:

  1. The instuctor teaches and practices phrases for expressing opinions, asking for opinions, agreeing and disagreeing with opinions. (List of phrases is included.)
  2. In groups of 3, students take turns leading 5-minute discussions on topics chosen from cards that are placed face down on a table. (For more advanced groups discussions can be longer.)
  3. After 5 minutes are up, students change leaders and proceed as above.


More explicit instructions are given on the pdf file.


Materials needed: topic cards


The discussion topics range from easy to more difficult and controversial. You can certainly add your own or edit them as you see fit.

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