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Lesson 1: Introduction

Lesson 1: Introduction

Students discuss their current knowledge of English newspapers and magazines and choose topics of interest for the semester.

Level:  Advanced

Topic:  Introductions

Time:  90 minutes



  1. Give a self-introduction.
  2. Make a list of newspapers and magazines in the US and in the UK.
  3. Choose topics of interest.


  1. Observe students’ self-introductions.
  2. Students name the newspapers and magazines after brainstorming.
  3. Students write topics on the board.


  • Make one copy of the Course Outline for each student.
  • List of top newspapers and magazines in the US and in the UK
  • Scratch paper for groups


Self Introductions (45 minutes)


List Top Newspapers and Magazines (15 minutes)

  • “What are the top newspapers and magazines in the US and in the UK?”
  • Ask the students to get into groups of 4 or 5 people.
  • Give the students 5 minutes to brainstorm and write down as many newspapers and magazines as they can.
  • Go around the room, one group at a time, naming a top newspaper or magazine. 
  • When a group cannot name an additional newspaper or magazine, they are out. The winner is the last remaining group.


Topic Selection (25 minutes)

  • Ask the students to remain in their groups.
  • Ask the students to brainstorm topics they would like to discuss in this class. Give the students 10 minutes to brainstorm and write down their ideas.
  • Ask the students to look at their list and choose their top 5 favorite topics.
  • Ask one student from each group to write their group’s top 5 topics on the board.
  • Cross out any duplicates.
  • Explain that each group can veto one topic. 
  • Ask each group which topic they would like to veto. Allow class debate, if necessary.
  • Explain that these topics will be used as a guide in selecting articles, but not all topics will be chosen.


Homework (5 minutes)

  • Students check their email for the first article and the course outline.
  • Get a homework notebook to bring to each class.
  • Read the first article and course outline, and write 3 questions and/or responses in the homework notebook.


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