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Around the World

Around the World

Students guess whether statements are true or false about the other students in the class. They move seats around the classroom (around the world) until they return to their original seat.

Level:  Intermediate

Topic:  Icebreakers

Time:  40 minutes


  • Index cards (3 for each student).



Give three index cards to each student. 


Ask the students to write their name at the top of each card. Then, write one sentence on each card. The sentence can be true or false. Encourage unique and interesting information.


Under the sentence, have the students write whether the sentence is true or false.


Collect and shuffle the cards. 


Ask the students to sit in a circle and place their pen under their seat. 


Randomly choose one card to decide the first student to play the game. Remove the student's chair from the circle. The student stands next to the person on his or her left.


Choose a new card and read it to the class. The two standing students can say whether the statement is true or false. The first student to give the correct answer is the winner and continues to stand. The other student sits down.


The next student (clock-wise) stands up and the game continues.


The winner is the student who goes “around the world”, or makes it back to his or her original seat - the seat with his or her pen under the chair.


If the cards finish and one student has not made it back to their original seat, then the student who moved the furthest is the winner.

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