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10 Techniques to Promote Student Success

10 Techniques to Promote Student Success

There are many techniques teachers can use to motivate students and encourage students to develop their own strategies in language learning. 


The following ten techniques help to create a comfortable learning environment, which enable students to take risks and improve their overall English language fluency.


1. Do role plays 

Communication games help lower inhibitions and allow the student to have fun with English.



2. Use plenty of group work 

Working with others helps lowers inhibitions because students can collaborate and come to a conclusion together.



3. Laugh with your students 

Laughing lowers inhibitions. Students feel more comfortable when the teacher is smiling and having fun in class.



4. Use fluency exercises where errors are not corrected at that time

Students need time to just speak English without the fear of making mistakes.



5. Remind students about the rewards for learning English 

If students develop intrinsic motivation, then they will want to study English for their own purpose.



6. Do oral fluency exercises where the object is to get students to talk or write a lot without being corrected 

Free Speaking and Freewriting activities can help build student confidence. It is an opportunity for students to use all of the English they have previously learned and put it together to just talk or write.



7. Encourage students to ask you, and each other, questions when they don’t understand something

Students need to know that it is acceptable to not understand everything. When they do not understand, they should have the confidence to ask questions.



8. Keep your theoretical explanations very simple and brief

Long explanations can be confusing for students.



9. Praise students for good guesses

Students should make guesses and use their intuition when listening to English.



10. Let students catch and correct each other’s errors

Mistakes are the key to learning. Remind students that catching mistakes can help them learn the correct usage.



These interactive techniques for student success are part of the strategies-based teaching method. Students can be taught these strategies to improve their language learning, and decide which techniques work best for them.



Brown, H. D. (2007). Teaching by principals, an interactive approach to language pedagogy. White Plains, NY: Pearson Education, Inc.

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