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What Are They Talking About?

What Are They Talking About?

Students work in pairs to create a conversation around an "out of context" sentence given by the teacher.

Level:  Intermediate

Topic:  Warmer

Time:  20 minutes


  • Prepare an "out of context" sentence, and write the sentence on the board.

Sample Sentences:

Oh man!  We’ll never get it back now!

It’s here!  But now it’s too late.



Put the students in pairs.


Direct the students' attention to the sentence on the board. Explain that the sentence is out of context, and that the pair of students must create the context for the sentence. Encourage students to use their imagination.


Give the pairs around five minutes to create a conversation using the sentence on the board.  


Ask each pair of students to stand up and present their conversation to the class.

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The said:

I tried this game out the other day in a class of grade five and sixes. It was fun. There was a bit of groaning at the beginning, but that might have been more to do with my choice for the out of context sentence. Here is a sample conversation: A: Tomorrow is my birthday! Oh the phone is to ringing... B: Hello. This is the zoo. Would you like a free animal? A: Yes, I would! B: We have some lovely gorillas. A: Um...I'm not sure. B: We will send them to you today. A: I don't want any gorillas! (the out of context sentence I wrote on the board.)

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