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Using Mind Maps For ESL Writing

Using Mind Maps For ESL Writing

Students create a mind map to brainstorm ideas based on a creative writing prompt. Then, they write about the topic using their mind maps.

Level:  Any

Topic:  Creative Writing

Time:  30 minutes


  • One unlined sheet of A4 size paper for each student.
  • Make one copy of the Handout for the teacher.
  • Create an example mind map or make one copy of the Key for the teacher.



Give each student a piece of A4 paper.


Choose one of the creative writing prompts from the Handout and write it on the board. Ask the students to write the prompt in the center of their paper.


Explain the concept of a mind map for brainstorming.

Simply write what comes to mind.

There is no wrong answer.

Draw lines from the main topic to a subtopic.

Try not to write sentences, just one or two word ideas.


Draw an example on the board so students get a clearer idea. Use your own example or the example from the Key.


Give students 10 minutes to fill out their mind maps.


After the 10 minutes, put students in pairs to discuss their mind maps.

Extended Practice

Ask students to use their mind maps to write about the topic. 

Printable Worksheets



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