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Lesson 4: UK Government

Lesson 4: UK Government

Students give their opinion about the political problems in Northern Ireland, describe the 3 parts of Parliament, and explain the relationship between the Queen and the Prime Minister.

Level:  Intermediate

Time:  90 minutes



  1. Give opinion about the political problems in Northern Ireland.

  2. Describe the 3 parts of Parliament.

  3. Explain the relationship between the Queen and the Prime Minister.


  1. Observe and listen to opinions during class discussion.

  2. Students work in groups to discuss characteristics and report to the class what they found.

  3. Students discuss their notes in groups and in the class discussion.


  • DVD: The Queen (2007)

  • Make one copy of the Parts of Parliament for the teacher.

  • Make one copy of the UK Culture Presentation Assignment for each student.


Warm up (15 minutes)

  • Ask students to get a partner and discuss the topic for about 5 minutes.
    • “What do you think would be the best solution to the political problems in Northern Ireland?”
  • Ask the students to volunteer answers and discuss as a class.


3 Parts of Parliament (20 minutes)

  • Ask students to get into groups of 4 or 5 people.  Each person in the group should take a role. If there are only 4 people in a group, then the Facilitator can also keep track of time.
    • Facilitator: leads the group discussion
    • Note-taker: write things down as needed
    • Reporter: presents information to the class
    • English monitor: makes sure everyone is speaking English
    • Time keeper: keeps track of how much time is remaining for an activity


  • “What are the 3 parts of Parliament?  Describe characteristics of each part of Parliament.”
  • Give the students around 10 minutes to list characteristics.
  • Elicit answers from the groups to fill in a chart on the board (see Parts of Parliament document).


Q&A (10 minutes)

  • Ask the students to look at their homework questions and/or responses to ask additional questions about the unit.


The Queen and the Prime Minister (35 minutes)

  • “What is the relationship between the Queen and the Prime Minister?”
  • Review information about the monarchy and the Prime Minister.


What is the Queen’s name?  Elizabeth II

When did she become the Queen?  1952

Who is next in line?  Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales

Who was Diana?  Charles’ wife, the Princess of Wales

Who are their children?  Prince William, Prince Harry

Who did William marry?  Kate Middleton, April 29, 2011


Who is the current Prime Minister and what party does he belong to?  David Cameron, the Conservative Party, since 2010.  He is the Queen’s 12th Prime Minister. 

Who were the last two Prime Ministers? 

Gordon Brown, Labour Party (2007-2010)

Tony Blair, Labour Party (1997-2007)


  • Ask the students to watch the film clip of “The Queen.”  Students take notes about what they see and hear regarding the relationship (play from the beginning of the movie until Tony Blair leaves the Queen’s room).
  • After the film clip, give the students around 5 minutes to collaborate with their group.


  • Discuss as a class. 
    • The Queen advises, guides, and warns the government.
    • The Queen and the Prime Minister have weekly meetings. 
    • The Queen asks the person to be Prime Minister.  It is not official until the Queen has asked.


UK Presentation Assignment (10 minutes)

  • Explain the assignment.
  • Inform the students of their groups.  Ask the students to get together with their groups to exchange information.



  • Read unit 4 and write 3 questions and/or responses.

Printable Worksheets

Parts of Parliament
UK Culture Presentation

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