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Pass the Parcel

Pass the Parcel

Students answer Christmas trivia questions to unwrap one layer of a present in this Pass the Parcel activity.

Level:  Any

Topic:  Christmas

Time:  15 minutes


  • Wrap 2 gifts with paper, many times (i.e., around 8 – 10 times). Possible gift ideas include Santa hats, candy, or something the entire class can enjoy.
  • Christmas music
  • Make one copy of the Key for the teacher.



Ask the students to sit in a circle.


Give the first gift to a random student. When the music starts, the students should pass the gift clockwise. Give the second gift to a different student at the opposite side of the room. When the music starts, the students should pass this gift counter-clockwise.


Play the music. 

Note: In order to be fair, it's best to turn your back to the students so you can't see who has the gifts before you stop the music.


Stop the music. Ask the two students holding the parcels to stand up.


Ask one of the Christmas Trivia questions from the Key. The two students compete to answer the question correctly. The student who first correctly answers can unwrap one layer of the parcel he or she is holding. 


Continue until a student completely unwraps a parcel. The student who completely unwraps a parcel can keep the gift.

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