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Halloween Name Game

Halloween Name Game

Students have a sticker with a Halloween character on their back. They ask yes or no questions to find out their Halloween name.

Level:  Elementary

Topic:  Halloween

Time:  15 minutes


  • Blank stickers (one for each student)
  • From the Key, write the name of one Halloween character per sticker.



Put one sticker on each student’s back.


Students stand up and find a partner. Their task is to ask yes or no questions to discover their identity. Students can only answer with yes or no.

For example:

  • Am I a male (female)?

  • Am I an animation character? 


Students can change partners, as they like.


The winner is the first student to discover his or her character. After students discover their identity, they can take the sticker off their back, but continue answering other student’s questions until all the students have finished.

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Maureen said:

After today with an Elementary Training School class of 12, the Name Game would create an intensified situation for the two class assistants. We were able to provide classroom structure for group exercises, but the pair exercise indicates the vocabulary difficult with some words. For example " costume " is a difficult concept. We brought in some costume samples for "class play" classroom management . Thanks for lesson. Maureen

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