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Recommended EFL / ESL Resources & Textbooks

Recommended EFL / ESL Resources & Textbooks

There are many resource books out there, each suited for a particular style of teaching or type of class. This is a list of my 7 favorite EFL / ESL resources that focus on English communication in the classroom.


1. Communication Games

This series by Jill Hadfield has a lot of fun games for any level. Activities are organized by target structure.


Each game includes teacher's notes and photocopiable materials for the students. Enjoyable lessons for the students and easy preparation for the teacher.


I recommend the activity Detective Work in the Intermediate book for practicing the past perfect structure and Elementary My Dear Watson in the Advanced book for practicing past modals.





2. Activity Box

This book says it is for young learners, but I have used the activities with all ages. Activities include teacher directions and photocopiable materials for students.




3. Five Minute Activities

This is a great resource for warmers and fillers. It contains over 130 activities which can be adapted to suit any level. Activities are communicative and student-centered.




4. Keep Talking

This book has over 100 communication activities suitable for any level, such as interviews, guessing games, jigsaw tasks, problem solving, values clarification techniques, mime, role play and story telling. Includes teacher notes and photocopiable materials for students.




5. Play Games with English, Book 2

The Teacher's Resource Book is a collection of games and puzzles organized by structure.


I recommend How much food have I got and Spot the difference to practice countable and uncountable, Kate has been doing a lot of work in her garden this afternoon to practice present perfect continuous, and What were they all doing when I opened the door and You were standing in a post office when a robbery took place to practice past continuous.




6. The Grammar Activity Book

This book is also for young learners, but has fun games that can be used with any age group. Each game focuses on a particular grammar point. The book contains a range of grammar from basic tenses (i.e., present simple, past simple, adverbs of frequency, etc.) to more complex structures (i.e., reported speech, passives, etc.).


I recommend the activity Memory Consequences to practice the third conditional.




7. Conversation Strategies

This is an excellent resource for teaching conversation. Includes vocabulary and phrases for getting more information, asking follow-up questions, getting a response, correcting someone politely, agreeing and disagreeing, interrupting, summarizing, etc.


Each strategy includes pairwork activities best for intermediate level or higher.




What EFL / ESL resources do you use? What is your recommendation?

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