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Classroom Procedures

Classroom Procedures

It is important to introduce classroom procedures on the first day of class. Students need to know what is expected of them when they are in the classroom.


If they finish a task, is it acceptable for them to chat with their friend? How do you get their attention when they are in the middle of an activity?


These simple procedures help the lesson flow more smoothly and keep everyone on task.


Example of Classroom Procedures

These were my classroom procedures for a university EFL course in China. Look at the following headings and decide what procedures you want to put in place.


Beginning of class

Students should turn in their homework and find their seat according to the seating chart before the bell rings. They should put their textbook and pen case on their desk. Once the bell rings, students speak with their partner about the topic on the board.  



Students are late after the bell has finished ringing. Students lose three participation points if they are late. Students who are 15 minutes late are considered absent.


Class dismissal

Students may leave the class after they are dismissed by the teacher, not when the bell rings. 


Quieting the class

The teacher asks for the students' attention while holding his or her hand in the air until the students are quiet and at attention. At that time, the teacher lowers his or her hand and starts speaking.


Students seeking help

Students raise their hand when they want to ask a question. They should not shout or say the teacher's name. Students should also raise their hand to get out of their seat (i.e. pencil sharpening, using the restroom, etc.).


Movement of students and papers

Papers are passed across the rows, and the teacher collects all the papers at the side of the room. 


Student absence

If students are absent and it is excused by the university, then it is possible to receive full participation points.


To receive full participation points, students must email the teacher their homework and a written response to the day’s topic (150-300 words) before the start of the class period (special cases and emergencies are considered).


If the absence is not excused by the university, then no participation points are received for the day.



Participation is recorded at the end of each class. Each class is worth 10 points. The total participation grade is counted towards the student’s final grade.


Submitting assignments

Assignments are due at the beginning of the class period. Assignments are considered late after the bell has rung.


Early finishers

Early finishers can speak English to their partners, rest, or do an additional activity.


Assigning homework

Homework is assigned at the end of each class.



This is an example of classroom procedures. It is best to think about your own class and what procedures you would like your students to follow. Then, teach them to the students on the first day of class. 

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