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What Happened Before And After?

What Happened Before And After?

Students put a story in order by discussing what happened according to their card, what happened before it, and what happened after it. A speaking activity using the past perfect.

Level:  Intermediate

Grammar:  Past perfect

Time:  20 minutes


  • Make one copy of the Conversation Cards for each group, and cut into sentence strips.



Students get into groups of 4 or 5 people.


Give one set of Conversation Cards to each group, and ask the students to put the cards in a pile face down.


Ask the students to take turns taking a card from the pile, reading the sentence, and discussing the order of events. Students use the past perfect to discuss what happened according to the card, what happened before it, and what happened after it. Their task is to discuss the events one at a time and put them in order.

For example: His girlfriend came over at 7:30pm

Before his girlfriend came over, John had gone to the bar with his friends.  


Check the answers as a class.

Printable Worksheets

Conversation Cards


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