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The Price Is Right

The Price Is Right

Students play a Price is Right game to practice shopping vocabulary. Students guess the price of items in the teacher's home country.

Level:  Elementary

Topic:  Shopping

Time:  30 minutes

Number of Students:  18


  • Write the name of each student on a piece of paper, and cut into individual strips.
  • Put the strips of paper (with the students' names) into a box or bag.
  • Research the price of 9 items (See Notes at bottom). Print out the item picture and the description.



Explain to the students the game show, The Price is Right. 

Three contestants come to the front and guess the price of an item. The person who guesses the closest to the actual price without going over is the winner. After six rounds, there are two semi-finalist competitions, and then a finalist competition.  


Put the names of each student in a box or bag, and explain that contestants will be randomly chosen.


Choose the first three contestants from the box or bag. Ask them to come to the front of the room. Show one item and give a brief description. Give the contestants one minute to decide on a price. Ask the three contestants their prices and write them on the board.  

Note: If all three prices are over the actual price, erase all the prices and start again. 


Reveal the actual price and write the winner’s name on the board. The three contestants go back to their seats. Continue until six groups have had a turn at the front (for 18 students in the class).


Then, start the semi-finals. Choose three of the six semi-finalists to come to the front for Round 1. Play the game the same. 

Then, ask the remaining three semi-finalists to come to the front for Round 2.


Finally, the two semi-finalists compete in the final round to become the ultimate Price is Right winner.


Suggestions for items:

  • Digital camera
  • DVD
  • Music CD
  • Fruit
  • Carton of milk
  • Chewing gum
  • Can of beer
  • Mountain bike
  • Pair of Levi's jeans

Extended Practice

Ask the students to discuss similarities and differences of prices between the teacher's home country and their country.


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