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Lesson 15: Review

Lesson 15: Review

Students review material about UK and US geographical and historical facts, and their political, economic, and social systems. Students explain how they accomplished their goals this semester.

Level:  Intermediate

Topic:  Review

Time:  90 minutes



  1. Review material about UK and US geographical and historical facts, and the political, economic, and social systems. 
  2. Describe how they accomplished their goals this semester.


  1. Observe students answers during the Jeopardy game.
  2. Read notebooks.


  • Make one copy of Jeopardy Questions for the teacher.
  • KWL Charts (from Lesson 1)


Goals for the Semester (10 minutes)

  • Ask students to think about the goals they set at the beginning of the semester. 
  • Ask students to write a comment next to their goals in their Homework Notebook.  
    • “Did you accomplish your goals?”
    • “What did you do and what do you still need to do?”


KWL Chart (20 minutes)

  • Pass back the KWL charts from the first lesson about what the students knew about the US and UK and what they wanted to know about the US and UK.
  • Ask the students to get back into the same groups as the first lesson.
  • Ask the students to read what they wrote.
  • Ask the students to write in their notebooks, “What did you learn this semester in this class?”


Jeopardy Review Game (45 minutes)

  • Draw a game board with 5 categories horizontally (i.e., history, geography, government, economy, social systems) and 5 rows of points vertically (i.e., 100, 200, 300, 400, 500).
  • Ask the students to get into groups of 4 or 5 people.
  • Explain the categories represent the type of question and the numbers represent the difficulty (e.g., History for 100 is an easier question than History for 500).
  • Teacher reads the question.  Any group can try to answer.  The first group to raise their hand can answer the question. 
  • If the group answers the question correctly, they can get the points.  If the group answers the question incorrectly, they lose the points.  Keep track of points on the board.
  • The group that answers the question correctly can choose the next category.
  • Categories can only be chosen in order (e.g., History for 500 can not be chosen before History for 400).
  • The winner is the group with the most points at the end of the game.


Q&A (15 minutes)

  • Ask the students to look at their homework questions and/or responses to ask additional questions about the unit.



  • Study for the Final Exam.

Printable Worksheets

Jeopardy Questions

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