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Lesson 13: Newsweek

Lesson 13: Newsweek

Students read a Newsweek article and discuss the topic of Christmas from a western point of view.

Level:  Advanced

Topic:  Christmas

Time:  90 minutes



  1. Explain the situation of Christmas in the US.
  2. Exchange ideas about Christmas in the US.
  3. Compare ideas about Christmas in the US to that in China.
  4. Formulate an opinion about Christmas in the US. 


  1. Students summarize the article in their groups and report to the class.
  2. Students discuss the article, the title, and their homework questions and responses in their groups and report to the class.
  3. Students discuss the author’s opinion and ask questions during the Q&A.
  4. Students give their opinion about their discussion questions in their groups and whole class discussion.  



Warm up (10 minutes)

  • Ask the students to get a partner and discuss the question while you check the homework.
    • “Have you ever done anything special for Christmas?”
  • Discuss together as a class.  


Christmas Special (15 minutes)

  • Newsweek is an American weekly news magazine. It started in 1933 in New York City. It is the 2nd largest news magazine in the US after Time magazine. The content of the magazine is mostly opinion and commentary.


  • Ask the students to get into groups and choose a role. If there are only 4 people in a group, then the Facilitator can also keep track of time.
    • Facilitator: leads the group discussion
    • Note-taker: write things down as needed
    • Reporter: presents information to the class
    • English monitor: makes sure everyone is speaking English
    • Time keeper: keeps track of how much time is remaining for an activity
  • Ask the students to discuss the article in their groups. Guide the students by putting the following headings on the board. 
    • Summarize the article
    • Talk about the title
    • What is the author’s opinion?
    • Homework questions
    • Discussion:
      • “Which movie best describes you?”


Whole Class Discussion (10 minutes)

  • Ask each reporter to comment about one of the topics on the board. Use the Article Notes as a guide.


Q&A (10 minutes)

  • Ask the students to look at their homework questions and/or responses to ask additional questions about the article.


Christmas video clips (20 minutes)

  • Play each video clip so students can become familiar with the popular movies.


Discussion (15 minutes)

  • Ask the students to discuss in their groups.
    • “Which movie do you think looks the most interesting?”
    • “Do you think this type of personality test works?  Why or why not?”
  • Ask each reporter to comment about their group’s opinion.


Christmas Game (10 minutes)



  • Prepare for the Final Exam.

Printable Worksheets

Article Notes


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