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Speaking activities
A Lesson About Fast Food

A Lesson About Fast Food

Students read about the KFC fast food chain and answer questions, discuss their ideas, and write about their diet and...
Past simple
Past Habits: Used to

Past Habits: Used to

Students think about their childhood and discuss their memories using used to, didn't use to, and would...
Speech & Debate
Debate Format: Final Debate

Debate Format: Final Debate

Students put all their skills together to have a final debate. An ESL debate lesson practicing how to follow a...

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Becki and Shawn - EFLSensei

Becki & Shawn

We are a couple of teachers overseas who put up our 200+ EFL / ESL activities for adults. We hope you enjoy our teaching ideas and the fun, communicative lessons.


Together we can build a community of teachers helping teachers through sharing our lessons, ideas, and overseas experiences. Share your lesson today!

Here's how we can help you:

  • Discover new ideas for adult classes
  • Choose from a variety of speaking activities, games & conversation questions
  • Use pre-made EFL/ESL course lesson plans

  • Reinforce target grammar
  • Get ideas for teaching with music & video
  • Apply teaching tips for teacher development
  • Find student-centered activities that focus on speaking

  • And, It's all free!
Speaking Activities
http://www.eflsensei.com/ Search our printable ESL speaking activities with icebreakers, warmers and...
http://www.eflsensei.com/ ESL games are fun for the students and the teacher...
http://www.eflsensei.com/ ESL conversation activities help build confidence and prepare students for...
http://www.eflsensei.com/ Fun and enjoyable ways for students to practice ESL listening...
http://www.eflsensei.com/ Activities for your EFL / ESL writing class. Icebreakers, warmers,...
http://www.eflsensei.com/ Speaking activities that practice specific ESL grammar points. We have...
http://www.eflsensei.com/ Celebrate ESL holidays with enjoyable speaking activities. Try our games...
Speech & Debate
http://www.eflsensei.com/ Try these enjoyable ESL oral presentation activities to practice posture,...
English Speaking Countries
http://www.eflsensei.com/ English Speaking Countries is an academic esl course taught at...
The News in English
http://www.eflsensei.com/ The News in English is an academic esl course taught...
Teaching Tips
http://www.eflsensei.com/ What happens when we have that class that just refuses...

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